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We will catalog your media. Know what you have on your CDs, DVDs, external drives and disks.

Thinking of going paperless?

No idea where to begin?

Unaware of how many pages you have to scan?
Download our FREE report for help!

Capture Solutions

Our Capture solutions ensure consistent input, indexing and retrieval.  In addition, if you change your backend system, your Capture solution stays intact..




Technology Solutions

We offer unique solutions to help decrease the time it takes for processing of documents.


Ability to convert paper, audio, and video to searchable digital formats.

We can also help you do your conversion in-house.

We'll help your company with records retention and risk mitigation.



We are unique in our industry in that we do not resell any solutions or work with any vendors that require us to meet a monthly or quarterly sales commitment.

Our focus is not on how many scanners or software we can sell, but how we have helped our customers improve their day to day processes.

We have been in business 24 years and are thankful to our customers who have trusted our expertise and given us the opportunity to work with them.

Need assistance with  making your office more efficient? Don't we all. We use our years of experience and lessons learned to help our customers lessen the time spent on administrative and filing tasks so that employees can be utilized in other areas.

Why we do what we do:
We want to see our customers spend less time and money working with paperwork, spend more time being innovative
and productive, and being able to give opportunities to their employees to work on higher‐value tasks that provide learning and growth.