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In business 24 years.  We are truly focused on your needs, and helping you meet and exceed your technology goals.  We are not a sales quota focused company.  You will feel that when we first meet.  

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Process Analysis and Requirements Gathering

Records and Data Management's primary goal is to understand our customer's processes so that we can recommend process change, technology (if applicable) and help our customers improve their overall operations.

Businesses may feel a need to invest in technology quickly to stay competitive, but could end up spending up to 40% more than they needed to, because of the rework required due to poor planning and requirements gathering.

If your internal resources are thin, you may want to consider outsourcing your requirements gathering to a vendor, such as RDM.

Records and Data Management charges $125.00 an hour and offers a free one-hour consultation .

The following is an excerpt from an AIIM White Paper, "Services Drives Success (or Not) in ECM Implementations."

"Some organizations tend to focus on the technology first when the focus should be on uncovering the true business problem, documenting the business requirements, and identifying the expertise needed to successfully move their ECM project forward. Emphasis should be placed on people and processes with technology being secondary in support of solving the business problem and achieving the business goals."

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ECM Tune-Up for your Document Management Solutions

Records and Data Management specializes in records

management and data management.

We offer the following services:

  1. Records Retention Schedules
  2. Mobile Records Inventory
  3. Paper conversion to digital format
  4. Audio and video conversions
  5. Forms processing - data extraction
  6. Survey development and data compilation
  7. Scanning and Capture Improvement
  8. Process Analysis and Requirements Gathering


Paper to Digital Format

Records and Data Management can scan your paper documents into various formats as required, provide survey scanning and data results, and provide microfilm/microfiche conversion through our subcontractor.

We use PsiGen Capture software for all our conversion jobs.

Our capabilities include:

  1. Scanning up to 42" width/unlimited length
  2. Monochrome/Color/Double-sided
  3. TIF, PDF
  4. Hyperlinking
  5. Indexing
  6. Data extraction
  7. Forms processing
  8. Survey design and data compilation

Equipment used:

  1. Bowe Bell & Howell Spectrum 8140DCI
  2. Bowe Bell & Howell Truper 3200 & 3600
  3. Fujitsu fi6770
  4. Contex Crystal 600

Our company has a New Mexico State Price Agreement for conversion services. Agreement #10-000-00-00051

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ECM Tune-Ups

Records and Data Management has worked with many customers and solutions over the years. One trend we have seen is that organizations will install a solution, but there is no process to revisit and optimize the solution. Just like a car needs a tune-up, technology solutions need tune-ups.

RDM’s ECM Tune-ups will provide the following:

  • Document the capture process with users
  • Is the organization doing centralized capture but now decentralized or distributed scanning makes more sense
  • Has the capture software been upgraded?
  • Are the scanners still working at optimum speed and capacity?
  • At the time the system was installed, mobile apps were not available. Is that now a requirement?
  • Are electronic forms required?
  • Are users able to find what they need or can searches be optimized?
  • How is your training?
  • Are there new utilities/enhancements that would greatly improve your current processes?
  • Is there a records retention schedule?

Our consultants have experience from setting up records management programs to enterprise implementations. We have worked with:

  • Adobe Acrobat                                                               
  • Cardiff Teleform and LiquidOffice
  • FileBound                                                                      
  • FileNet                                 
  • Fujitsu                                                                             

Many ECM vendors will charge $200.00 to $250.00 per hour to make changes or consult with you.

Our rate is $80.00 to $125.00 per hour depending on your needs. Call or email us for details.

Certified Staff:

  • Certified Records Manager (CRM)
  • Certified Document Imaging Architech (CDIA)
  • ECMp
  • AIIM Sharepoint Specialist
  • AIIM Capture Practitioner