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processing software. Document Capture and Scanning is a challenge in any organization. With an array of scanning devices, capture needs and backend content management systems, it is ineffective to settle for multiple applications to accomplish one goal. PSI:Capture provides a single capture platform that can meet all the needs of an organization: document scanning and import, forms processing, data capture, OCR/ICR, data extraction and the ability to migrate the information into a backend. PSI:Capture advanced capture system enhances the capabilities of any scanning device, providing a powerful onramp to any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) or Document Management Systems (DMS).

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What's New in PSI:Capture 5.3?

Table Extraction Module (TEM) This is a new module focused on the extraction of table-based data from documents. Some types of table-based data for which the module could be used include invoice line items, Excel spreadsheet information and other similar items. In PSI:Capture, table identification and extraction is tied to classification and record/form types. This is a separate licensed module that requires OCR, ADE and Classification to function. Prior to PSI:Capture 5.3, we had the ability to extract table information that was completely static through zone-based technology. TEM provides a simplified setup. By clicking on column headers, the product builds expressions to automatically identify the columns and rows on a page.
Here are the advantages:
•Automatic columns and row identification
•Simplified setup through point-and-click and auto-regex
•Ability to span pages and extract multi-page table or invoice data
•Tolerance for movement of the table on the page due to differing DPI and/or page registration issues on scanning
•Ability to fine tune extraction methods using custom regex for value pattern matching

Classification module Classification Enhancements There are several new features and enhancements to the Classification Module. Below are core enhancements:
•Regular expression auto-builder for simple form identification
•Global Forms library for centrally stored form repository that is shared
•Classification Groups now provide structured organization of forms
•Ability to define a last page classification rule for variable length forms
•Page processing filter to run classification only on certain document pages
•Smart Zone and Zone template enhancements for forms.

 Workflow Auto-Processing (WAP) While we have always had auto-import processing, there was a lack of flexibility in how automated capture workflow was designed. There were key steps in PSI:Capture that required initiation from the client side, or that could not be run as a background process or service. With PSI:Capture 5.3 and the introduction of WAP, you can now designate capture workflow steps that can be configured as standalone processors. For example, after a QA step, you can have a user close their batch and WAP will automatically OCR and Migrate as a background process. You can also now designate certain stations for specific process steps, and load balance specific tasks across multiple stations. .

Records and Data Management uses PsiGen Capture in our service bureau. It includes migration tools for many ECM solutions such as FileNet, FileBound, LaserFiche, MS SharePoint. Call us for a demonstration.


The PSI:Capture Capture Module is the first step in any capture workflow, and provides integration with direct connect scanners, multi-function printers (MFPs) and network-based image folders. The module can be used to interactively scan or import, but can also be automated, allowing auto-import from hot folders, Web-Dav folders (such as SharePoint Document Libraries,) RightFax Servers or FTP/SFTP servers.

With an innovative document capture platform engineered to combine automation, efficiency, stability and Enterprise-class scalability, PSIGEN’s flagship product PSI:Capture is poised to continue advancing document processing technology well into the future. PSI:Capture provides scanning functionality, or can utilize simple expressions through its Advanced Data Extraction feature to automate processing tasks. With the ability to export or migrate the data to over 50 industry ECM and DMS systems, PSI:Capture represents the next generation of document

Capture Solution that works with Scanners,
MFP, Copiers, Fax, MS Sharepoint