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 Mi-Forms offers a complete suite of cross-platform software solutions for making data capture for YOUR ENTERPRISE truly easy and accurate. It provides an intuitive user experience of easy electronic forms (eForms) design, quick on-site data collection, centralized form and workflow management, and extensive backend system integration. Hosted, on-premise term, and on-premise perpetual licensing options are available.

Electronic forms can be easily built either entirely by the Mi-Forms Designer, or from existing form definitions like Teleform Designer files & forms built in back-end systems. Pre-designed forms in PDF or MS Word can also be imported using a third party import tool. Then forms can be directly uploaded to the Mi-Forms Server and deployed to various types of PCs and Tablets with the Mi-Forms Client installed, or using Mi-Forms Server for iPads, Android Slates & more. You will find it very convenient to fill out the forms using Mi-Forms. When you are filling out the forms, Mi-Forms provides a powerful support for instant data lookups and updates to your back-end database systems. With the best-of-breed embedded handwriting recognition technology, ink data can be immediately converted to text which allows you to verify and correct before submitting. After completing the forms, you can choose to either directly upload the data to the Mi-Forms Server via Internet connection or save on your local computer and send the data later (automatically) when you have Internet access again. Mi-Forms Server allows viewing and archiving all submitted forms, managing the workflow/approval queue of data, and exporting necessary data to customer-defined back-end databases. All form data can be exported as PDF, XML, CSV, etc. or further integrated to external databases and systems, for example Access, ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and others via web services. Our goal is to provide you with an easy and automatic process for mobile data capture, delivery and workflow collaborations for various business needs across industries.
Mi-Forms - Flexible Mobile Data Capture

We can absolutely, positively, help you use automation to save time and money.

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