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FAST LTA introduced its first secure data storage system in 2005.  Employing hard disks and developed by company founder Matthias Zahn and his team, the new system was rolled out with an ambitious promise: No data will ever be lost.  Previous technologies had proven unable to live up to such an assurance over the long term – or had meanwhile become too costly or complex.  At the heart of the new storage system is a specially developed hard disk WORMcontroller.  The controller writes data to connected hard disks linearly and protects it against deletion or alteration down to the lowest hardware level.  The redundancy coding provided by erasure coding ensures that defective disks can simply be switched off without the risk of any data loss.  Erasure coding and the linear storage model with WORM sealing
is also fundamental to revision-safe SILENT CUBES archive storage, as successfully proven in thousands of installations since 2009.
Today, Silent Cubes are found in the majority of German hospitals and
clinics, in hundreds of municipal and public service facilities plus more
and more medium-size companies.  In fact, wherever data needs to be
reliably and securely archived for the long-term – frequently in line with
various legal requirements – Silent Cubes is the preferred choice

The innovative SILENT BRICK LIBRARY was introduced in 2015 as a further expansion of the product portfolio. The portable, offline-capable
SILENT BRICK media containers make this specialized storage for backup,
archiving and cold storage extremely flexible and virtually infinitely scalable.

and I store your data from backup and
archiving applications securely and flexibly

Putting the squeeze on ransomware We’re seeing more and more blackmail virus attacks on companies and public entities today. This type of malware encrypts part of a system’s stored data and demands
a ransom for the encryption key.  The linear storage and structural
integrity of all FAST LTA storage products provide inherent protection against any loss of data while the Silent Brick Library’s integrated “continuous snapshot” function enables unproblematic restoration of previous versions.

Fast LTA's Silent Cubes and Silent Brick Technology

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